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Welcome to Languages on Screen!

Languages on Screen is an exciting educational resource that makes French, German, Spanish, and Italian short films available online. These are all free to watch, download and use in schools across Scotland.

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A Still image from the film 'La Apertura'

What Can I Do?

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โ€“ View our Lesson Guides;
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Log In using Glow or Shibboleth to view and download our Films, or Request an Account if you don't have either of these login types at your educational institution.

Still Image from the film '00h17'

What is Moving Image Education?

As well as providing valuable modern language teaching resources that introduces students to the spoken language, culture and mind-set of people in other countries, Languages on Screen is also about introducing young people to the language of moving image and promoting the aims of 21st Century Literacy.

This means showing students that audio-visual narratives are complex, multi-layered texts that need to be analysed to be properly understood.

For a crash course in the basics of audio-visual language visit our section on Moving Image Education (MIE).