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Languages on Screen is an exciting new educational resource that puts French, German, Spanish and Italian - and soon Gaelic - short films online for free download and use in schools across Scotland.

Using short films as a focus for study helps place language within its culture and gives young people insights into the lives and lifestyles of people in other countries. They also help children gain a deeper understanding of their first language and a greater appreciation of the richness and interconnected nature of languages.

Languages on Screen is a major partnership project between Education Scotland and Creative Scotland.

Our mission

For most young people, learning a foreign language (especially one’s first) presents a daunting challenge. It is one thing to learn the vocabulary and the grammar, but quite another to become familiar with the culture, the mood of the language, and to gain the confidence and self-belief to use the language oneself.

The great advantage of any Moving Image text is that it provides an engaging context for exploring common usage as well as the meaning of creative texts. Original and thought-provoking short films also provide a springboard to reflect, explain thinking and to spark creativity.

The analysis of these original Moving Image texts in a Modern Language setting will also help to engage young people in classroom activity on a deeper and more compelling narrative level, developing their communication and collaboration skills and thereby supporting the ambitions of the Curriculum for Excellence.