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What can I do?

Languages on Screen is easy to explore and use. If you are logged into Languages on Screen, you can browse, search, view, analyse and discuss a range of languages film clips stored in our database. Each film comes with a record about the film and interesting activity ideas for use in the classroom developed by school teachers and moving image education professionals to accompany each clip, as well as our topic specific Lesson Guides created by Modern Languages teachers.

When logged in, students can

  • Use the clips as a starter introduction to a new topic
  • Create their own films or moving image essays
  • Browse all clips on the site and search by keyword
  • Download clips to make their own creative work with a new soundtrack
  • Watch the films in either streaming or high-quality versions
  • Explore the questions and activities independently to deepen their learning
  • Learn more about Moving Image Education

When logged in, teachers can

  • Browse all clips on the site and search by keyword
  • Use the Languages on Screen Glow group to share and learn about what other teachers are using Languages on Screen for
  • Share their ideas about how to develop the site
  • Use an archive clip as an introduction to a new topic or debate
  • Collaborate with other schools via Glow
  • Learn more about Moving Image Education
  • Use the suggested questions and activities in lessons or as part of a class project