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Project Manager

David Griffith

Lead Officers

Education Scotland (formerly Learning and Teaching Scotland) - Gerry Queen

Creative Scotland (formerly Scottish Screen) Scott Donaldson (Adam Seddon until 2010)


Ben Seven and Dan Plunkett at Kin (Johanna Larson until 2016)

Web Development and Management

Paolo Ciarrocca and Ben Seven at Kin (Graham Turnbull, Richard Clegg and Sven Edge until 2016)


Neil Castell

Educational Content

The following teachers / practitioners greatly helped us with the development of educational content to accompany each clip as well as the origination of content for numerous feature resources:

Mairi Clement (St. Margaret's Academy, Livingstone)

Rachel Docherty

Anke Hilt

Lynne Horn (Tobermory High School, Isle of Mull)

Lynne Jones

Louise Lang

Jackie Mackenzie

Liam McGeady

William McNulty

Ann McVey

Jerry Simcock

With thanks to:

Creative Scotland - Scott Donaldson, Linda McClure

Education Scotland - Gayle Monteith and Curriculum and Technical staff

Discovery Film Festival - Katherine Simpson

British Film Institute - Mark Reid and Caren Willig

National Library of Scotland - Ruth Washbrook and Janet McBain

Consultancy - Douglas Dougan