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Introducing Languages on Screen

Languages on Screen is an exciting new educational resource that puts French, German, Spanish and Italian - and soon Gaelic, short films online for free download and use in schools across Scotland. With a Glow username and password you have free access to these educational resources - you simply login to this site via Glow

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Languages on Screen and 21st Century Literacy

As well as providing a valuable modern language teaching resource that introduces students to the spoken language, culture and mind-set of people in other countries, Languages on Screen is also about introducing young people to the language of moving images and promoting the aims of 21st Century Literacy. This means showing students that audio-visual narratives are complex, multi-layered texts that need to be analysed to be properly understood. For a crash course in the basics of audio-visual language visit our section on Moving Image Education (MIE)

What can I do?

Teachers can download lots of modern language short films and make use of the extensive learning resources contained within each film record and the Feature Resources. These have all been designed by teachers from across Scotland in conjunction with lead practitioners in Moving Image Education. For more information click here.

Screengrab from La Revolution des Crabes

Site Access and Use Policies

Languages on Screen has been designed to be accessible to as many schools as possible across Scotland. We recognise than not all schools have the same level of connectivity or ICT support within the school, and for this reason we have tried to make the site simple and effective to use, requiring little additonal browser software or plug-ins that could otherwise limit access. For this reason we have also set out to provide films in a variety of common formats, balancing the need for fast download speeds with quality across the different systems and possible viewing platforms.

Our site access and copyright protection policies apply to all users.

Languages on Screen is a partnership project between Creative Scotland and Education Scotland



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